40 days out: Be prepared, {dive} will rock!

The 60% mark for registration has just been passed, and every continent is now represented among our select 100 attendees. The farthest of them is coming to Rennes from 17,287 km away! These curious minds hail from every industry, including e-health, digital, retail, gaming, arts/entertainment and tourism. Our speakers are getting briefed on the day's unique set-up, full of exclusive demos and encounters. Prepare to be astonished!

@ChiefDisrupter to host {dive}!

Anne-Marie Elias is an Egyptian-born, Italian-Australian whose core focus is to be a catalyst for change. She spends most of her time organizing hackhatons or giving speeches on innovation. For {dive}, she agreed to come from Sydney to Rennes, and to be a very special MC, boosting interactions and contributing to this out-of-left-field event!

Press talks about {dive}

Greg Oates, journalist at, catches the spirit of this first edition of {dive}, including its most mysterious side. « The conversation around “user experience” has gained mainstream appeal because people are attempting to integrate an ever-increasing flow of new technology and new media into their daily routines. »… Read more The American edition of the Huffington Post picked up our latest post on the 3 trends that will impact the progress of technology. And guess what: None of them are technological. « And while things like Artificial Intelligence (AI), virtual reality, 5G networks, nano and bio-technologies are constantly in the headlines, there is another less prominent but extremely important revolution happening: The User Experience and the interaction between users and new technologies ». Read more Book your ticket now: