Anne-Marie Elias - Australia
Host - Chief disrupter

Anne-Marie is an Egyptian-born, Italian-Australian Innovation consultant and Change strategist who spent her career spent working in strategic roles within Ministerial, Government and NGO’s, leading projects, driving innovation and performance. Passionate, committed and results driven, she likes to define herself as a « pragmatic problem solver  inspired by delivering change and engaging cross-sector stakeholders to unite to achive common goals ».
Anne-Marie is also a mentor, judge, organizer and champion of start-up, accelerators and hackathons. As a professional speaker, Anne-Marie’s passion and enthusiasm for collaborative disruption is undeniable. With a culture that often views social problems as too difficult, Anne-Marie leads the charge and asks all of us to step up, and seek opportunities to be the change.

Innovation consultant
Chief disrupter
Hackathons organizer
NGOs Collaborative