{dive}:party…the experience continues deep into the night

To bring its 18 hours of immersion in innovation to a smashing close, {dive} will come to UBU on July 7 thanks to a partnership with the association Trans Musicales. Both surprising and intriguing, {dive}:party will be an opportunity for attendees to discover artists unlike any other... To tell us more about this unique collaboration, we met with Béatrice Macé, co-director of Trans Musicales.

What is Trans Musicales?

Originally, Trans was only a pop-up music festival. The association Trans Musicales (ATM) was created in 1985 in order to make it a regular event without changing its philosophy. Besides the festival, which serves as the association's hallmark project, we also occupy the UBU concert hall. The scale of the ATM project is enhanced through cultural activities and education in arts and culture, known as the Jeu de l’Ouïe, or Mémoires de Trans for the festival's archives.

Why did you want to climb aboard the {dive} adventure?

We were immediately interested in the {dive} project, which shares several things in common with the spirit of Trans Musicales. This is because we believe ourselves to be experimenting when we book bands that are not only still-unknown, but also unique and willing to buck convention. We feel it's important to trust in the unknown, or at least to not reject it outright, and to treat our natural curiosity like a lust for life. This is a core philosophy for us. {dive} takes much the same gamble by adopting an unprecedented format and making experimentation central to the event. We also identify with the notion of basing innovation on user experience. What Trans Musicales offers most of all is an encounter between artists and spectators. We are very attentive to our audiences and how they perceive the festival and its programming. In fact, our project components are the same!

What can we expect on July 7, musically speaking?

We have chosen to book Jacques and Gablé at UBU. These two artists have something of a UFO feel. Expect the unexpected! Jacques and GaBlé are true experimenters. They play innovative, offbeat, unpredictable music. Without revealing too much, I will say that Jacques makes electronic music that also incorporates objects we don't normally think of as instruments! GaBlé is unique as well, not easy to define but joyous in tone (as I recall from a concert they gave for Trans in Russia). These artists are a perfect match for {dive}'s "outside-your-comfort-zone" spirit. Rounding out the artists are the duo DJ Gare Sud, adding a local flavor to the evening, which will remain open to UBU regulars. Get your ticket to the {dive}: party on UBU's website