A new taste of innovation with {dive}

This coming July 7th, the 100 participants of {dive}: event will have the privilege of living a new culinary experience. From breakfast to dinner, the Centre Culinaire Contemporain, a Food Living Lab with a unique approach, will offer guests a delicious, multi-sensory adventure: the [SSSHRRRFFF!]. A meeting with Freddy Thiburce, the Director of this culinary center, where innovation through use reigns supreme.

Why was the Centre Culinaire Contemporain created, and what is its mission?

When you look at innovation in the agro-food industry, you note that 50% of food products in today’s market didn’t exist 5 years ago. On the other hand, one out of every two products launched today will have disappeared within 6 months. These numbers really demonstrate the importance of know-how and creativity in the culinary field. Novelty has become a crucial selling point. Without novelty, not only will your sales force have no pitch to make, you also run the risk of no longer being able to stave off those competitors who will have chosen to innovate. The Centre Culinaire Contemporain was founded to meet this challenge and to offer players in the food industry innovation solutions that are relevant and safe, and that create value. As with any other research centre, our goal is to minimize time to market while reducing risk. To see our mission through, we work a lot on user experience, on co-creating along with the consumer. Innovation through use and creativity is the best strategy to create products that can meet consumers’ expectation. In short, if I had to summarize the Centre Culinaire Contemporain in 3 words, they would be: Culinarity, Creativity, Companionship.

Why did you embark on the {dive} adventure?

We were seduced right away by the event’s concept, which highlights the user’s experience and places this notion of experience squarely at the centre of the event. We share the same philosophy! Also, we are convinced that Design, Sustainability and Computerization are crucial principles in our profession to create the most favorable market-access conditions. Here too, we are perfectly in sync with the event’s contents. Finally, the international opening of {dive} answers a powerful ambition of ours, as we are getting ready to expand our presence in Europe and in North America.

What should we expect to see on our plates on July 7th?

We are developing a journey for taste buds, one which will take the participants of {dive} from breakfast to dinner to complete. [SSSHRRRFFF!] is its name; it’s waves breaking on rocks, it’s wind filling sails, it’s the power of the elements… It’s the druid making his cauldron bubble, the sound of the farmer’s boots in his damp field of artichokes. The [SSSHRRRFFF!] is an edible, emotional, epicurean plunge that blends land and sea. Of course, it’s also the discovery of our culinary heritage, concocted by three brilliant chefs who will surprise you. But let’s leave it at that: [SSSHRRRFFF!] is an experience to be lived and shared on July 7th!