Why putting user first is the key to innovation success

Emmanuelle Garnaud-Gamache, Head of International Development at b<>com, presents {dive}, an immersive and experimental event. Giving center stage to innovation that puts user experience first, {dive} : event is a 18-hours journey that take place in France next summer with one ambition : to change your point of view on innovation. Interview.

Q: What is {dive} about ?

A: I guess everybody today agrees that innovation is the fuel that drives companies’ success. But although we sometimes conflate the two as a shortcut, innovation is not just about technology. Business models, design and practices are definitely keys to success. And because we believe the most effective innovation is the kind that puts user experience first, we created an event which gives center stage to anyone who comes up with innovations that empower users, consumers and citizens. Innovations that truly bring value and transform our experience of a product or a service.

Q: Who should attend ?

A: {dive} : event is a multidimensional and multisensory global event featuring various formats and face-to-face encounters. Part of the concept is that each participant brings value. In an interactive and radical approach, {dive} will gather and engage 100 strategists, researchers, entrepreneurs, innovators, creative technologists, marketers, designers, scientists, data analysts and other professionals from all over the world. Attendance is limited to 100 and we’re looking for open-minds who want to share their expertise and experience something new.

Q: What should be expected at {dive} ?

A: Just be ready for the unexpected! First, the venue will be an unusual one ; this first edition will be hold in our campus of Research and Technology, in Rennes. The program is a 18-hour immersive journey with enthusiastic speakers who agreed to be part of the adventure, coming from the USA, Israel, Canada, Japan, the UK and elsewhere. We’re working with them in order to deliver a very engaging and interactive speech, with exclusive data and research in most of the case. They all have in common to be very passionnate about transforming the customer/user experience. But we’re pretty serious about « multisensory » part of the experience too. With a famous Culinary Living Lab, our partner Centre Culinaire Contemporain, we are designing a gourmet experience that will start from the breakfast and continue all day long, all while reflecting the spirit of innovation on the program. Last but not least, we’ll end the day with a party produced by our partner Les Transmusicales, the biggest music discovery festival in Europe. Even the pricing policy is innovative: Because we want to boost serendipity and encourage our farthest-flung participants to take part of it, the further you come from the less you pay. Londoners have a special miles discount. To discover it, just check how far from Rennes you are.